Available Widget

Here are widget that available for your theme.


Search Form

Below is the function.

// $text = button value

search($text = null)

Own Search Form

You can creating your own search form. Make sure to set the name to search for the input type search.

<form><input type="search" name="search" class="form-control" placeholder="Type to search"></form>


This will generating the menu.

// $custom = custom class

menu($custom = null)

Recent Posts

If you print the recent post widget it will only generate list of post by title.

// $custom = true or false. Default false
// $count = how many posts. Default from recent.count (see config.ini)

recent_posts($custom = null, $count = null)

Custom Recent Posts

You can creating custom recent post by specify it inside the function.


And it will outputting an array of the most recent posts. Than you need to do some foreach. Example from blog theme:

<div role="tabpanel" class="tab-pane active" id="recent-posts">
    <h2 class="hide">Recent Posts</h2>
    <?php $lists = recent_posts(true);?>
    <?php $char = 60;?>
    <?php foreach ($lists as $l):?>
        <?php if (strlen(strip_tags($l->title)) > $char) { $recentTitle = shorten($l->title, $char) . '...';} else {$recentTitle = $l->title;}?>
        <div class="item">
            <h3 class="title"><a href="<?php echo $l->url;?>"><?php echo $recentTitle;?></a></h3>
            <div class="content">
            <p><?php echo shorten($l->body, 75); ?>...</p>
            <a class="more-link" href="<?php echo $l->url;?>"><i class="fa fa-link"></i> Read more</a>
    <?php endforeach;?>

Above example also use shorten($string, $char) function.

The post count is specify by recent.count from config.ini but you can override it by specify it in your function, example:

recent_posts(true, 5)

Popular Posts

The popular posts also have the same function like recent posts, you just need to change the function to:

// $custom = true or false. Default false
// $count = how many posts. Default from popular.count (see config.ini)

popular_posts($custom = null, $count = null) 


This will display the archive widget.

// $custom = true or false. Default false.

archive_list($custom = null)

Tag Cloud

List of available tags.

// $custom = true or false. Default false.

tag_cloud($custom = null)

Custom Tag Cloud

By specify the $custom will outputting array. Example use:

<section id="popular-tags" class="widget widget_popular_tags">
<h2 class="widget-title">Popular Tags</h2>
    <?php $i = 1; $tags = tag_cloud(true); arsort($tags); ?>
    <?php foreach ($tags as $tag => $count):?>
        <li><a class="more-link" href="<?php echo site_url();?>tag/<?php echo $tag;?>"><?php echo tag_i18n($tag);?> (<?php echo $count;?>)</a></li>
    <?php if ($i++ >= 5) break;?>
    <?php endforeach;?>

Category List

This will displaying any category that have content.

// $custom = true or false. Default false
category_list($custom = null)

Related Posts

This will displayed related posts by tag. Only displaying post title linked to post.


Custom Related Posts

Sometimes we need custom related posts, we just need to specify.

get_related($p->related, true)


<?php $related= get_related($p->related, true);?>

<?php foreach($related as $r):?>

// the div etc. goes here.

<div class="content">
    <div class="title"><?php echo $r->title; ?></div>

<?php endforeach;?>

Recent Posts by Type

We can list let say latest image, video etc.

// $type = the content type eg. image, video etc.
// $custom = true or false
// $count = how many posts. Default is recent.count (see config.ini)

recent_type($type, $custom = null, $count = null)