Update Guide

Due to the most important metadata such as username, category, type, tags, publication date, and slug are in the folder name and filename which is in the content folder where this folder is not touched at all, the HTMLy update process is very safe.

But just in case, you can back up the content folder using Backup page and download it. And keep in mind that if you change specific theme included in the package without changing the folder theme name, your changes will be lost, so download the theme and re-upload the theme. Read how to create child theme so your modified theme not lost: Child Theme

There are two ways to update HTMLy.

Using the source code

  1. Download the latest version from the Github repo
  2. Extract the zip file and replace the existing files with the new extracted files.
  3. Login and go to admin area and clear cache.
  4. Done.

Using the dashboard

  1. Login to the admin area, visit Check update page (admin/update).
  2. By visiting this page, if there is newer version, then there will be information about the latest version.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click the update button link.
  4. Wait a moment, and after the update finished we will redirected to Update to page.
  5. Clear the cache and done.