You can install HTMLy using the web installer and zip archive.

Using Web Installer

  • Download the installer.php here.
  • Put it in your web root folder e.g. /var/www/htmly
  • Visiting your domain

Using Zip Archive

Download the latest version, extract it, then upload the extracted files to your server. Also, make sure the installation folder is writeable by your server.

Manual configurations

Rename config.ini.example inside the config folder to config.ini (or you can create a new config/config.ini file) then change the site settings there.

Create YourUsername.ini inside the config/users folder or simply rename the username.ini.example file and write down your password there:

password = YourPassword

In addition, HTMLy support admin user role. To do so, simply add the following line to your choosen user:

role = admin

Users assigned with the admin role can edit/delete all users' posts.

To access the admin panel, add /login to the end of your site's URL. e.g.